7 Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out in 2021

Your CV is the ultimate guide to lead you to your job search success. However, sometimes with the huge information in your professional career, it could make it difficult for you to adjust it in your CV. The good news is that few changes in a CV writing format will increase your chance of getting noticed.

Here are the top 7 tips to make your CV stand out in 2023:

1. Replace Sentences with Bullet Points

Recruiters handle many interviews in a day; thus, they are often unwilling to read big paragraphs. However, replacing your work summary with bullet points, highlighting important skills makes the description on your CV stand out and easy to read.

2. Tailor the CV Writing Format According to the Industry You are Applying for

Ensure to prioritize the skills and employment experience that the current industry where you are applying needed. For instance, if you are applying for the Social Media Internship, the recruiter will benefit from knowing your AI designs and SEO skill set.

Hiring CV writers from the CV writing services in Dubai might benefit you to get the best tailor-made CV.

3. Highlight Growth

Your CV should highlight your growth - personal development. Mentioning what accomplishment you have achieved and the role of responsibility you have learned will show the CV Distribution recruiters that you are committed to learning and ready to expand your skillset.

4. Add LinkedIn Profile

With the fast pace of the digital age, LinkedIn act as a job-seeking portfolio. Add LinkedIn URL profile to enhance the quality of your resume in addition to your contact information. You also can add your personal website to showcase your previous projects without overloading the information on your CV.

5. Make the CV Visually Appealing

Undoubtedly, a CV with visually appealing gets more attention. A well-designed CV should have a legible and clear font design (use Times New Roman or Ariel). Choose appropriate font size (11–12 size should suffice). Opt for white background and black font with the blue highlight for the URL.

6. Stick to one Page CV Writing Format

Keeping your CV short, highlighting the important information, and mentioning the details on one page makes it easy for the CV distribution recruiter to learn what you do quickly. A maximum of two pages of CV can go for having more years of experience.

7. Format Your CV Carefully and Proofread

There is no room for even a tiny error in a CV! Double-check spelling and grammar before you send out your CV.



Creating an appealing CV might be time-consuming, skill sets are the best opportunity to show off your accomplishment.

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07 Aug 2021