Coronavirus and Your CV What is the Connection?

All of us want a Job-winning CV, but sometimes forget to add the relevant content that needs to be noticed. It may have been due to a lack of time and intention.

Around this moment that many of us are working from home as a consequence of the Corona virus pandemic, now is the period we will surely offer our CV a makeover that’s long due.

We understand that writing a job-winning CV is challenging, but with a few tips, you can make a CV that can give you an interview.

Here are a few CV writing tips to get your CV noticed during the Corona virus pandemic:

Emphasize your skills in implementing change or mind-set

The flexibility with which many companies had to adapt to the Covid-19 crisis has been remarkable, with some employees going directly to remote jobs and procedures being rebuilt from the bottom up.

This would have been a massive learning curve and many workers would have had to take personal responsibility for changing their own style of working to meet the transition head-on and aim to support the goals effectively. As a result, many employers have a new appreciation for employees who simply demonstrate the right attitude to adapt to change quickly.

So, if you've ever had to evolve your own working environments rapidly and effectively in response to challenging situations then this should be illustrated in your CV. The experience you will have acquired is extremely valuable and shows your brilliance and capacity to respond well to change.

If you don't have this expertise, then you can prioritize the soft skills you have that show that you are someone with the right mentality to cope with the transition. These include the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptation
  • Communications
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making


Update your CV with any new skills learned during the lockdown

Some of the consequences of the Covid-19 lockdown for some might be extra free time. It could be due to extended leave, or merely because of the limitations on travel now being enforced by the government, so it may be a great chance for you to acquire some new skills in your CV and offer your career a boost.

Examples of skills that you might learn during this period include:

  • Writing
  • Coding
  • Data analytics
  • Digital marketing

These are all examples of skill sets that have the dual advantages of being in-demand and simple to learn from home and modifying your CV with any newly learned expertise demonstrates both your dedication to independent learning and your ambition to make productive use of leave or spare time.

Keep your CV subtle and purposeful

Thanks to the continuous transformation of the work market, it is possible to get carried away by different CV types. Therefore, it's important to learn which resources you should use to build your CV elegantly. Today CV comes in a variety of ways such as graphical CV, smart CV, and video CV, among others. Before you pick a format, it is important to learn the kind of CV fits well for you.

You already know what matters in your profession, and with data becoming a modern business expression, it's important to mention what you've learned and how you can be an asset to any organisation. And, to make sure that the recruiters understand what you want to say, you can use bullet points wherever possible.

Be flexible

Work from home has become the norm, just embrace it. When Corona virus cases grow, businesses are less likely to open workplaces. Even after the Corona virus crisis gets over, experts have warned that work from home is going to stay. So keep on hunting for a job or part-time employment, and don't forget to include it in your CV.

Keep trying something new

The long-term realities of the Corona virus crisis may mean that there is an increase in competition, changes in technology and new developments that have a lasting effect not just on the job market, but on the globe as a whole.

Highlighting flexibility and openness to new opportunities in your CV may well bring benefits, and lead you to acquire skills in an area that you might not otherwise have, and to explore abilities that you did not realize. While technical skills have always been and will remain important, understand that soft skills are repeatedly emerging as the main element for potential employers. 

Showing this on your CV would illustrate how valuable your adaptability makes you by illustrating the related knowledge and instances of ways you have displayed great communication, self-awareness, and desire to learn.

In an environment now seen to be influenced by the transition from both fronts, it is this consistency that will keep your path on the right track, whatever the future brings.

CV writers know what employers want to see

The first thing any future employer will know about you is from your CV and the first impressions are significant!

As career experts, professional CV writers understand what recruit managers are looking for while they're reading CVs. Not only do they learn how to structure your CV so that it's easier to read easily, but they will also collaborate with you and concentrate on the talents, successes, and interactions that can make you stand out the most.

The professional CV writers in Dubai, UAE will write an impressive CV on your behalf, which would ultimately sell you to the employer as a nominee. Since the crisis, it has never been more necessary to have a broad CV, because there are already far more candidates for each position due to recent employment losses.

Our CV writing services will transform a poor CV into an expertly crafted one, all for stronger career search outcomes.

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16 Oct 2020
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