Did You Make a CV or Resume For the UAE market?

Imagine that you could make a quick modification to your CV and carry your career to new heights or get the position you've always been waiting for!

Irrespective of the technical meaning of either CV or resume, they are similar for Dubai job purposes. Since the term CV is more widely used for Jobs in Dubai, we will use it throughout this post.

In this post, you'll learn about Dubai's unique problems that you need to be mindful of while writing your Dubai CV. If you need basic guidance about CV Writing, there are thousands of free sites that can give you that. Use Google to search them, but hang here for a particular Dubai CV.

Let's get started now.

Add Your Photo

To make your CV efficient, you have to include a photo of yourself. The photo shows managers a lot of things they'd like to hear from you. Like, do you look hot and showy? Or, whose racial group do you belong to, is it one that the boss favours?

In any case, your photo also makes your CV more realistic and appealing

Include Your Nationality

What if your picture is hard to tell your ethnic background? In this scenario, you must provide your nationality. If you're a dual-citizen, provide a stronger nationality. However, this does not fit for certain individuals, since their name does show their true nationality.

Moreover, no matter how much of a person you are, your nationality might tell you a lot of actual things regarding you.

Include the Date of Birth

No 50-year-olds need to apply for this job as a marketing consultant. It is normal to practise for managers to try to screen out applicants depending on their age. And it is usual for applicants in Dubai to include their age in the CV.

How to Write a Professional CV in UAE?

Everything wants a CV, whether you're looking for a new position online or trying to get a job by word of mouth. You've got to write a CV.

Your first point of contact with your prospective recruiter is a CV. You need to realise that the initial memories are permanent. Your CV is typically your first concept with a prospective boss. CVs are like the first dates, so put some effort into skilled CV Writing.

On the other hand, competitiveness in the labour market is strong today. Your qualification is not enough to earn you a dream career to stable jobs in the 21st-century labour market.

That means that you're vying for a single position with at least a few hundred other highly skilled individuals. But make sure you're fit for a role, and you can only display a prospective employer that fits with your CV.

What does the Layout of a CV Look Like?

Personal Details

  • Your Name- Write your name like it is in the registration that you'd be brought to the interview. Don't use names that most people know about you by Pet or Nicknames that your family is calling you, using the name of the official records that you currently have.
  • Email Address- The email address is the first thing the boss uses to reach you by phone. It's your Internet identification and logs in. Try to get your account on a common domain like Gmail and yahoo.

    Keep your email address clear and professional and does not contain sexual material / non-relevant material or other information that is inconvenient for some.
  • Contact Number- Simply writes your contact information with an international code. Now, whether you have two or three separate numbers, encourage you to set the number that you feel you are most likely to be.

    You're going to pay if you have two separate numbers, and you both have to make sure you're always on guard when the phone is ringing.
  • Languages- mention languages that you understand. When the new or prospective employer is asking for someone who knows how to speak a second foreign language or another foreign, you can write that down.


And when it comes to the skills tab, you need to note down your skills like a thumb rule. I encourage my learners to always select four main skills so that they will have three soft skills and one hard skill. Soft skills are simply things you need to be able to communicate in order to excel at work, while hard skills are the skills you need to perform a specific task.

First, be truthful with yourself. And this typically happens is you simply copy to paste expertise where you've encountered something interesting before you head to the interview room to ask questions so the recruiter would be able to answer you whether or not you're a professional individual in these fields. Learn how to write a CV that shows your hard and soft skills in a positive way.


There is no need to include lengthy references in the CV. Only write the reference readily available.

The biggest reason why you should do this is that if you put the name of the guide where you really put the location of the mobile number and where the job is.

Now, these are sensitive information, and you don't want to distribute personal data to organisations that may even recruit you.

CV Writers know What Employers Want to See

The first thing any future employer will know about you is from your CV and the first impressions are significant!

As career experts, Professional CV writers in UAE understand what recruit managers are looking for while they're reading CVs. Not only do they learn how to structure your CV so that it's easier to read easily, but they will also collaborate with you and concentrate on the talents, successes, and interactions that can make you stand out the most.

The Professional CV writers in Dubai, UAE will write an impressive CV on your behalf, which would ultimately sell you to the employer as a nominee. Since the crisis, it has never been more necessary to have a broad CV, because there are already far more candidates for each position due to recent employment losses.

Our CV Writing Services will transform a poor CV into an expertly crafted one, all for stronger career search outcomes.

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09 Mar 2021