Dubai Calling!

Dubai (UAE) is a land of wonders and a place with unlimited opportunity and growth. Over the years this place has seen unprecedented traffic of expats from across the world anchoring a base. A great career awaits those who aim for an exquisite lifestyle. In the past 15 odd years there is a boom in jobs offered in and around Dubai. With this there has been an even higher demand for quality recruiters who place such candidates in top organizations. When we talk about the competition for a single job opening it its around 1:1000. As such a compelling CV that convinces the recruiter that the candidate is a great match for the opening is imperative. You may be good in writing a CV however an expert CV writer knows what is best for you. 

A growth in jobs has followed an increase in professionals looking out for quality CV Writing services. Since GCC follows a specific style of CV and format it is important to ensure you meet what is required. For starters a CV that attracts a recruiter will have a strong career summary, core skills, accomplishments spanning your career, detailed responsibilities and education details. Ideally a photo should be included as it gives a face to your profile.

Getting the CV to work for you is another part of the story. There are dedicated services that circulate your CV to employers and recruiters, popularly known as CV Distribution. The distribution system works by emailing your CV to prospect employers which in most cases will be a speculative application. That is an employer may or may not have a job opportunity with them.

Once you get an interview call the real deal starts. We have a range of interview tips that can be accessed from here. Read them and let us know if it helped. We would love to hear from you!

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07 Apr 2017
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