Gulf Countries - The Hub of Highly Paid Jobs

Gulf countries attract a lot of expat population from across the globe that comes here looking for better employment opportunities. Apart from its multicultural environment and luxurious lifestyle, the main reason why expats relocate to the GCC countries is due to the generous salary packages offered by the employers.  Bahrain and Qatar have had major salary hikes in the recent years. However, UAE remains at the top of the list when it comes to salary packages. In fact, it is ranked among the top countries in the world to offer higher salary packages when compared to other countries in the world. After UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman are also known for their highly paid jobs.

Employers in the Gulf region also offer many attractive benefits such as accommodation, medical insurance and paid leave for up to a month. Some employers may also provide a return ticket to home country once a year.  While you may find certain countries that offer better salaries and benefits, a tax-free salary in Gulf countries makes the in-hand income is one of the highest. Expats have the opportunity to save a huge portion of their income which would otherwise be spent on taxes. This becomes a huge attraction for expatriates from taxpaying countries like India and the West.

Salaries in Dubai can differ based on your qualification, experience, background and also negotiation skills.  Two people working on the same job can have different salaries based on the value they add or other random factors. People with good negotiation skills often end up with higher paychecks. There are no set wages here as well as no anti-discriminatory rules. It is often observed that certain nationalities are paid more than others for the same particular job. Like other countries, certain industries pay better than others. Government and multinational franchises offer the best paying jobs.

It is no surprise that supply of workforce in the UAE and other Gulf countries is always greater than the demand. Expatriates who come here in search of a job often find themselves struggling to get even an interview call. Even highly qualified professionals with an impressive amount of experience usually find themselves unemployed for a long period of time due to the sheer competition in this region. For every job posted, there are thousands of applications received. You are at the risk of being rejected even if you hold the right skills for the job. Therefore, it is important your CV is developed in an extremely professional manner and is able to stand out from the crowd. Professional CV writing services are highly recommended in UAE as most expatriates who come here do not know how to approach a job offer in the right way. Having working contacts in the UAE can also be a huge advantage as it takes you one step closer to the employer’s doors.

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29 Jun 2017
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