Top 7 High Demand Jobs in UAE

In recent years, the Covid-19 outbreak has created a huge slowdown in the labor market. However, employers claimed that hiring is heating up again in major economic sectors such as amusement, tourism, shipping, travel, commerce, and housing, but that is always evolving, with many possibilities in e-commerce and transportation.

Below is a list of the most vacant jobs in Dubai right now. This will help first-time job candidates gain an understanding of the options and focus on CV writing accordingly.

1. Architects and Engineers

The folks who built the nation's infrastructure deserve credit. The United Arab Emirates is a famous tourist destination to be first in practically everything, putting inferiority aside. As a consequence, there is a surge in demand for talented and highly skilled engineers and architects. Prospective candidates should execute CV writing accordingly.

2. Accounting and Finance

With the continually changing corporate landscape, firms search for simplified financial procedures to achieve cost efficiency and meet company goals. Accounting and finance specialists are in high demand across the board. So, hire professionals for resume writing from entrepreneurs and SMEs to international corporations.

3. Freelancers in Digital Content

Now, digital content is a significant and vital business. As a result, Digital Content Producer is among the most sought-after careers in the UAE. This was due to the state's recent expansion of working visas for foreign freelancers.

4. Risk and Security Management

As more firms go online and implement new technologies, information and company security risk grows, particularly in the absence of in-house personnel who can forecast, evaluate, and control these risks.

5. Food and Beverage (F&B)

Dubai is diverse due to the mixture of various nations that have chosen to remain in the country for an extended period; food is one way to bring these different countries along. Diners, pubs, and a variety of great restaurants are springing up all over the region, necessitating the need for F&B managers and personnel to be available at all times.

6. Legal Assistants

Companies will be on the lookout for fluent legal assistants as organizations strive to meet worldwide regulatory requirements and prepare contracts in many languages.

7. Recruitment and human resource

If you're searching for a position in Dubai, having experience in HR or talent management is a plus. With the country's labor regulations being changed regularly to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all types of employees, HR specialists are in high demand.

Final Thoughts

This was a rundown of the most in-demand vocations in the UAE today. Hope it assists you in establishing a successful career in the United Arab Emirates.

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20 Sep 2021