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09 Mar 2021

Did You Make a CV or Resume For the UAE market?

CV Writing Service

Imagine that you could make a quick modification to your CV and carry your career to new heights or get the position you've always been waiting for!

Irrespective of the technical meaning of either CV or resume, they are similar for Dubai job purposes. Since the term CV is more widely used for Read More

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04 Mar 2021

Finally Know The 6 Reasons for Not Getting any Job Offers

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Rejection is an essential aspect of the quest for a career. There will be a lot that you don't do with every job you land. Often it's not really going to be obvious that you often don't get the job.

You can apply for a number of jobs, in some cases hundreds, and never kn...

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11 Jul 2017

Careerzooom - Leading CV writing and distribution services in Dubai, UAE

Skilled young individuals at work

Population in the Middle East region and particularly in Dubai consists of highly skilled, well-educated and young individuals. They have the capability to enhance the future growth of the country if their skills are effectively utilized. They need to be offered the right employment opportunities in order to reach their full potential. UAE is co...

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01 Jul 2017

Careerzooom - Professional CV writing services in Dubai

Professional CV writing services being offered

The Dubai job market is one of the most competitive in the world with one of the highest ratio of job seekers to employers. With expatriates coming to work in UAE from across the globe, the competition faced is extremely high. Every job seeker wants to stand out from the crowd by having a solid resume. There are many Read More

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06 Jun 2017

Have you listed the most important skills on your CV?

CV Writing Tips

The Middle East job market is currently in its most competitive phase. College degrees have become as common as having a high school education. Therefore, candidates need to stand out by effectively highlighting how they are a perfect fit for the job opening. The best way to do this is by making sure your skills are well aligned to the employer&...

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20 Apr 2017

Importance of a well written CV

CV Writing Importance

With a massive increase in the number of expatriates in the UAE, the number of job seekers is also at an all time high. More often than not, you will be competing against a bunch of other resumes as it is very common to draw several candidates for any given job posting. This makes it even more important that your CV stands out from the rest. It ...

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07 Apr 2017

Dubai Calling!

Job Opportunities In Dubai

Dubai (UAE) is a land of wonders and a place with unlimited opportunity and growth. Over the years this place has seen unprecedented traffic of expats from across the world anchoring a base. A great career awaits those who aim for an exquisite lifestyle. In the past 15 odd years there is a boom in jobs offered in and around Dubai. With this ther...

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