CareerZooom Team

A powerful team that has reached new heights! 

When you have the passion to succeed there is no stopping! Over the years our crew has seen phenomenal growth and this is a result of sheer hard work and dedication. Careerzooom is a team of highly experienced writers, expert recruiters and industry specialists that is here to ensure your success. GCC is a highly competitive zone, which is a well known fact however there is been a constant demand of quality companies that offer services that deliver in its real sense.

Our industry specialists and recruiters all faced a common issue. Since these markets, especially Dubai (UAE) have more expats from all over the world, they rely heavily on local experts to guide them. This has been a grey area where small time freelancers and oragnizations with little exposure take undue advantage. Most of our experts believe that professionals coming to GCC from various parts of the world lack knowledge on recruitment systems, CV writing process and marketing their CV to reach their target audience and derive the required results. 

Our company was formed to address this area and offer top notch services that delivers results. So, no false promises and only a reliable company that produces results!