Before you consider our services, you may have a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of the top queries customers email us and have placed them under this page. If you have any specific query that you do not find on this page please feel free to email us.

Alternately you can use the contact form here.

What we do

Careerzooom strives to make you find a job faster. That is our ultimate goal. All our services including CV Writing, Cover Letter, LinkedIn and career services ensure you rise above your competition and leave a quality impression on the recruiter.

We are a company that offers our services globally. You can have us write your CV or Resume for any location of the world. We receive most of our orders from Middle-East. For Dubai please refer here. You can check the "PRESENCE" link on our home page for other countries

Careerzooom has created very high standards and adopted a process that does not require you to meet our writers face to face. All the information you want to share is collected over phone/skype or through an easy fillable questionnaire. Our operational offices in Dubai, UAE, San Diego, US and India are for back end operations only.

Each job market and its demands are different. All over the world the CV is accepted with some variations. For example US follows a resume format that is short and precise while GCC, especially Dubai prefers a more detailed one. If you need the best results consider making a different version.

Best Writers - This is not just a statement. Careerzooom has the best writers employed for you. All our writers have a minimum of 7 years of writing experience across a range of industries. Our writers have written CV`s for 10 of the 50 top executives of UAE. Refer here for the list.

Strict Quality Process - Your new CV is audited by a senior writer and proof read thoroughly. This is a double check procedure because writers are humans and they tend to make mistakes. Besides our CV`s meet GCC, Dubai`s requirement fully.

Industry Experts - A good writer can write a book but not necessarily a great CV. Careerzooom has industry experts train our writers on various aspects. We have specialists from almost 50 industries who guide writers on how to draft a CV that instantly appeals.

Highest Satisfaction Rate - We regularly survey our customers because we are desperate to improve. Our surveys have shown a 96.7% satisfaction rate which is among the best in the industry.

Unbeatable Success Ratio - Availing our services have improved chances of getting you a job by up to 500%. In other words, 9 out of 10 customers receive more than 5 interview calls in a span of 60 days using our services. 6 out of 10 customers land a job in under 4 weeks.

There may be companies offering cheaper services. However, price is not the only factor. Writing is a qualitative service and cannot be easily measured. Cheaper services usually do not deliver in terms of quality. We do not want to profit heavily from our customers however our prices may be higher since we pay our writers more than the industry and have other cost incurring factors like consulting fees for industry experts.

We receive a lot of clients who return from such companies and even freelancers offering sub standard work, eventually ending up frustrated. It is a question of how smart is your decision.

About our services

Our range of services inlcude CV, Cover and LinkedIn Writing, CV Distribution. LinkedIn Promotion, Job Management, Personal Branding and Visual Resume. We also offer services like corporate profiles and personal statements that are not listed presently.

If you are reading this you are nearly convinced that a good CV is important. If you fit in the small 5% region with a poorly written CV and still get a job consider yourself lucky. Simply put, you are competing against at least 500 CV`s per job. When the competition is high you are expected to up your quality and what you offer. Especially in a market like GCC. Most importantly most recruiters will not spend more than 6 seconds on your CV.

This depends on your experience, position and budget. Results vary from one career level to the other. By and large the most effective on avarage is CV, Cover, LinkedIn and CV Distribution.

This depends. If you plan to have a CV written for the same job funtion but use it for more than one location then some variations may be required. In such cases you will need to pay a discounted price. If you want us to write a CV for a different job function then you need to pay the full price. You can find details of our CV Writing service here

Although we are confident that you will not need more than 2 or 3 revisions we are happy to edit as many times until you are completely satisfied. What more, we offer revisions for future changes until 6 months from date of finalization. However please do note that this has to be used fairly. 

Absolutely no! Firstly if you have written your new CV for Middle-East markets then please do note that the formats used are normally detailed. Since LinkedIn follows more of a resume format this may not work well. Most importantly LinkedIn is a professional yet social profile and the style of writing differs. Your LinkedIn reputation would certainly be hit if it is not written well.

  • For LinkedIn profile Writing service we provide the content alone that is delivered in Ms Word file format which can be easily pasted to your online profile.

  • If you have ordered a LinkedIn promotion service our team will take care of setting up either your new or existing account. This service can be purchased as standalone. However, we strongly recommend you to first have your LinkedIn profile written from us.


CV editing is a proof reading service. You should opt for this only if you consider your CV to be well written. You can find details of this service here. We recommend that you have your CV evaluated from us so we can recommend if CV Writing or CV Editing is better suited for you

Making a Purchase

The requirements of a Leadership profile and that of a entry level professional will always be different. Similarly, the efforts needed to write a CV for different level also changes. Someone with 15+ years of experience will have more achievements and responsibilities to write than that of a 5 years experience professional.

The first communication from us should be an email with the confirmation email and details of your order. You should expect a new email from the writer coordinator within the next 6 hours at most. For express the latest you will be contacted is within 2 hours.

Your first step is to check for an email from paypal for a confirmation email. If you have not received this it is likely that your payment has not been successful. If your card has been charged without a paypal confirmation your money should be refunded within 72 hours.

If you received a confirmation email from paypal then please write to with your paypal transaction number. Alternatley you can use the contact us form from here

If you need 2 or more CV`s or any other services then please write to us at Alternately you can use the contact form from here. You will be emailed a custom invoice with the link to make the payment at the earliest.

Yes. We provide special discounts for bulk purchase. Please contact us by emailing your requirement at Alternately you can use the contact form from hereYou will be contacted at the earliest.

Careerzooom provides you a refund in case you are not satisfied with our services. Please do note that you must contact your writer coordinator within 14 days of receiving the first draft. 

Our first effort will be to revise the document or service (whichever applicable) to your satisfaction. If you are still unsatisfied you are entitled for a refund from us.

Writing is an interactive process. You cannot claim a refund if you do not provide a satisfactory feedback to our services. Writing is a service and not a product that can be refurbished and sold again. We are certain you will be satisfied and if we still fail you will be refunded. We do not offer refunds for unused services


The first draft of your CV, Cover, LinkedIn is delivered within 7 days max (Due to higher customer orders this may increase to 8 days). The date of delivery is calculated from the point the writer confirms having collected all the information necessary to build your new CV. 

We offer express delivery service where we prioritize your order for a small extra charge. You receive the first draft of the CV within 24 working hours. Consequent drafts can take time depending on the feedback and extent of changes required. We cannot provide a time assurance for revisions post delivery of first draft. However, you will be our top priority under all cases.

If you have placed a standalone order for CV Distribution or any other services then the delivery time is mentioned below. Please note that delivery time is from the date we receive all required details like CV any interview and questionnaire completed from your side.

CV Distribution - 4 days

LinkedIn Promotion - Setup and basic optimization of profile 4 days. Ranking the profile higher can take up to 60 days

Job Management - 4 days for the first set of jobs. Thereafter it depends on your feedback on the jobs. Usually 6-7 weeks.

Personal Branding - 12 days for first approval. This includes conceptualization, design, development and profile writing.

Visual Resume - 7 days

Express delivery or 24 hours service is applicable only for the below mentioned services. If you have purchased other services along with the below they are not entitled for delivery under express.

Please note that in the event you place a CV and Cover order along with LinkedIn Profile and CV Distribution, express will be applicable for CV and Cover alone. Since the other services are dependent on the first two it is not possible to deliver with express for the others.

CV Writing 

Cover Letter

LinkedIn Profile

CV Distribution

Yes you can. For example, you placed an order on the 1st of April without express and the writer coordinator confirms to you a delivery date of 7th April you can place an order for express so your new CV is delivered on the 3rd of April (in the event you placed express order on 2nd April). Delivery time will be calculated 24 working hours from the date of express order.

To place an express order, inform your writer about the same and he/she will arrange to send you a payment link for the same.