How to Beat The Competition with a Professional CV?

Make it clear; Your CV is a representation of yourself, so it is essential that it is well set out and look more professional. With competitiveness at an all-time high in the employment market you need to stand out, ensure you don't blend into the background.

Your CV embodies the story of your career in a candid way that highlights your education and professional accomplishments. When you are submitting your CV to employers or organisations working in various manufacturing or business industries, then you will improve your skills in a way that can help interviewers find out whether or not you are able to work.

Crafting an original and creative CV from scratch can be an overwhelming task, but you should do that with some qualified support.

Is your CV unprofessional?

Your CV needs to be thorough and flawless, because if not, the submission materials certainly won't get a second look from any recruiting manager.

An unprofessional CV — one that is difficult to understand, complicated, error-ridden, or irrelevant to the work the applicant applies for — will be tossed into the garbage instantly. Hiring managers also have tens, or hundreds, of candidates for each position. An unprofessional CV can make you seem unprofessional as a career seeker and lose you a potential opportunity.

Sloppy CV's that are littered with typing errors will be skipped and CV's that are inaccurate may not get a second glance either.

Tips for Creating a Professional CV

Pick your latest CV and give it a professional boost with the following tips:

      1.  Choose the best CV type

There are a variety of common forms of CV's used to apply for job openings. Select a chronological, interactive, combination, or targeted CV, based on the specific circumstances. Taking the time to pick the right form of CV for your situation is worth the time and effort.

       2. Select simple font

Your CV is meant to be easy to read. You want the recruiting manager to read and understand your job experience and achievements quickly. Use a readable font; Make sure the font isn't too large or too small.

Avoid compact text blocks and use regular margins. Using white or cream-colored papers if you submit a real CV; colourful paper can be quite distracting.

        3.  Mind the tenses

You will deliver your CV in a way that allows the hiring Manager to assess the sequence of your successes, activities, and jobs, etc. Simply placed, display or present details on the bio-data in a sequential order beginning from the most latest and ending at the earliest. Previous activities should be defined using past tense and present tense should be used to explain the positions or duties that you might be currently engaging in.

        4.  Keep Consistent formatting

Professional CV's require consistent formatting. For example, if you use bullet points to explain your roles and accomplishments in one position, make sure to use bullet points in your other roles as well.

Often, make sure the bullet points are arranged the same way. For starters, do not use circle bullet points in one portion, and diamond bullet points in another section. Be compatible with font type, text layout, and theme

         5.  Keep it focused

It is crucial not to use extraneous material. Everything isn't always better than that. Your CV will reflect on the qualities and strengths that suit you for a position. It's going to be good to take out something that doesn't help you with the job you deserve.

A CV cannot be longer than a few pages for the typical job seeker, a one-page CV is usually adequate, perhaps two pages at most.

           6.  Keep your email address simple

People pay close attention to email addresses, and if you're unprofessional, recruiting managers will remember. Whatever amount of expertise you have, you will also have a reliable email address.   A first and last name combination, or random numbers if you have a common name, is the best choice.

            7.  Avoid making errors

While it goes without mentioning, the CV should be absolutely free from spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you have your CV checked multiple times, and even have the same cross verified by a colleague.

             8.  Always stick to PDF format

When you design your CV as an MS-word format and send it forward the same way, odds are that recruiting or management managers cannot see the CV the same way you see it. Your best option will be to build a copy of the CV in PDF format to insure that the recipient is able to get to the exact version of the CV.

             9.  Get professional CV writing Help

Creating a CV is hard work, so it is necessary to seek advice, or at least get your CV checked, before you submit it to employers. Try using a professional CV writing service to help you ensure that your CV is competent and polished. Getting a partner or family member looking for spelling mistakes and design mistakes is another way to make sure it's fine.

CV writers know what employers want to see

The first thing any future employer will know about you is from your CV and the first impressions are significant!

As career experts, Professional CV writers in UAE understand what recruit managers are looking for while they're reading CVs. Not only do they learn how to structure your CV so that it's easier to read easily, but they will also collaborate with you and concentrate on the talents, successes, and interactions that can make you stand out the most.

The Professional CV writers in Dubai, UAE will write an impressive CV on your behalf, which would ultimately sell you to the employer as a nominee. Since the crisis, it has never been more necessary to have a broad CV, because there are already far more candidates for each position due to recent employment losses.

Our CV writing services will transform a poor CV into an expertly crafted one, all for stronger career search outcomes.

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23 Oct 2020