How to boost your morale before an interview?

Going for an interview can be very intimidating and a cause of anxiety for most of us. Not knowing the end result of a scenario is likely to make anyone nervous more so if your career and livelihood depends on it. However, appearing confident and having a likeable personality are the key success factors for an interview. You need to impress the interviewer right away with your personality as that sets the tone for the rest of the process. Below are some ways in which you can boost your morale before an interview:

1. Think of positive scenarios

Human brain is designed to protect you from the worst by creating negative scenarios so that when the situation actually occurs you are prepared for the worst. This creates unnecessary worries in your head and severely affects your confidence level. It’s important that you differentiate these thoughts from the reality and understand that this is merely a defense mechanism of your brain. Instead, focus on the reality and know what you are capable of. This way you can build up the required confidence for an interview.

2. Be at the top of your game

Try being your best self starting a couple of days before the interview. Focus on all the good things such as your skills, experiences, and all the things you have achieved so far. Try to imagine yourself in the interview chair and feeling confident and in control of the situation. You can also practice the interview answers in front of a mirror or to a friend to feel more confident.

3. Be prepared for rejection

Don’t be scared of rejection. It’s not possible to be offered a job after every interview. There may be a lot of factors behind the final decision that sometimes has nothing to do with you. Focus on giving your best at an interview and hope for the best. Consider it as a learning experience for your next interview. Do not burden yourself with the outcome as it will put you on the edge throughout the interview process.

4. The employer’s perspective

Most of us enter the interview room thinking the worst about the interviewer. We tend to view them as someone who is there to judge us for every move we make. In reality, it is actually the opposite. The interviewer wants you to do well as much as you want to. Their aim is to swiftly fill in the vacant position by hiring a decent and qualified professional. They are hoping you are everything your resume has promised and expect you to add value to their organization. Keeping this in mind will greatly help you release some of those nerves.

Gaining confidence by practicing the above will help you be more relaxed and actually enjoy the interview. You will learn to look forward to the process instead of being afraid.

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05 Jul 2017
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