Importance of a well written CV

With a massive increase in the number of expatriates in the UAE, the number of job seekers is also at an all-time high. More often than not, you will be competing against a bunch of other resumes as it is very common to draw several candidates for any given job posting. This makes it even more important that your CV stands out from the rest. It is essential that your CV gets noticed!  

Importance of a well Optimized CV

There is an increased focus on CV writing in today’s market as employers have become very intolerant towards a poorly written CV. Your resume is a key document and can be a very effective marketing tool in selling your skills and achievements to a potential employer. If your CV is not written well, it can cost you not only the interview but also a chance to advance your career in the right direction. On an average, an employer spends about 10 seconds on a CV. Hence, it is important that your CV is able to make an impact in that amount of time. Ultimately it is the content of your CV that will help you get the interview; however, you also need to give emphasis on the overall appearance and layout of the CV. Learn more on professional CV writing services.

If you are not getting interview calls even though you think you are the right fit for the job then your CV could be the culprit. Most job seekers face difficulty in selling themselves through their CV. This is where the role of professional CV writers comes into play. CV writing services in Dubai can help you build the right content keeping in mind the local market. In addition to your CV, the cover letter also plays a vital role in introducing yourself to a prospective employer in UAE. CV writers ensure that every opportunity is maximized in selling yourself to the employer as a CV is the first and sometimes the only opportunity to impress the employer.

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20 Apr 2017