Improve your CV visibility with CV distribution services

CV distribution is a popular new service offered by many CV writing companies in the UAE for the Middle East and international job market. Its main aim is to increase the visibility of your CV so that employers are able to reach you directly when the right opportunity arises.

How does CV Distribution Work?

Once your resume has been written and updated as per your liking, you should then consider distributing it to all the major job boards and recruitment agencies within your target market. It is also beneficial to send it to specialized job boards that cater to your profession. CV can also be circulated to HR departments of major organizations in your field. The challenge most job seekers face in CV distribution is due to the existence of hundreds of job boards and agencies in the Gulf region. It’s difficult to choose which ones are genuine and it can also prove to be a very time-consuming process if you are not familiar with the functionality of their websites.

Consider seeking the help of a CV distribution company as they are familiar with all major job boards and also have the knowledge of which websites actually generate results and which don’t. They can also point you in the right direction by getting you in touch with the right employers and HR contacts. A CV distribution when done correctly can give you exposure to a wide range of employers and specialist recruiters. It increases your chance of being discovered by the potential employers. You also then do not have to worry about contacting the agencies on a regular basis as they will already have your resume on file. By increasing your visibility in the market you are essentially marketing your skills and achievements to the potential employers.

CV Distribution Services

There are two types of CV distribution service that are currently being offered. First one is where your CV is distributed to all the job boards and agencies in your target region to simply improve your chances of getting noticed. The other service is where your CV is distributed directly to employers which are relevant to your current industry. You can decide which service is best suited to your profile. It is recommended that before opting for this service you make sure that your CV is professionally written and formatted. A professional CV writer can ensure that your CV stands out from rest of the pool as most of these job boards have thousands of CVs uploaded on a daily basis.

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10 Jun 2017