Top 10 Professional CV Writing Service in The UAE

With more immigrants in the UAE than there has ever been competing for every job, it's more important than ever to make your business CV stands out in today's employment market. It's a reflection of your personality. Professional CV writers ought to have significant expertise creating CVs in the sector you seek and fully know what UAE companies are looking for.

Since professional CV writers would utilize no template and the style will represent a CV in your sector, they must know how to market your abilities and expertise and ensure that your CV stands out from other applicants.

Furthermore, CV writers must have a proven track record of obtaining job meetings, with a success rate of above 90%. Users and large businesses should be able to rely on the solutions to offer high-quality CV writing services.

A professional CV must demonstrate various traits, soft and technical abilities, excellent team characteristics, and outcomes that benefit the company. Professional CV writing services produce a comprehensive CV that highlights your achievements, talents, ability to face fresh problems, and the company’s worth.

Best CV writing and Resume writing sites work with you to discover your professional and personal characteristics and ensure that your CV/Resume gets interviews. A costly service must be supported by a staff of skilled and experienced professionals located in Dubai, who are well familiar with the UAE employment market and its requirements.

Firstly, you must grasp what characteristics to look for when selecting a quality CV writing service in the UAE. Next, you must comprehend the benefits of a carefully worded CV, and finally, the article will conclude with some of the best CV writing service suggestions in the UAE. Usually, the CV writing service providers also offer resume writing services; so if you are looking for one, you could consider the ones below.


When choosing a CV writing service? Bear the following points in mind:

Set realistic goals for yourself

A skillfully prepared CV may be beneficial to job searchers, allowing you to present your best self while applying for positions. It may also assist you in getting your foot through the door with potential companies.

Many variables go into recruitment; no CV writer could guarantee that a CV will earn you the position on its own.

And, more than likely, you'll require many revisions of your CV rather than just one flawlessly. The standard method is to tailor your CV to the position you're looking for.

As a result, don't anticipate CV writing or Resume writing to be the panacea for all of your job-search problems. Instead, search for a firm that will provide you with a solid starting point for your CV as well as some practical guidance on how to tweak it for particular positions.

Make an excellent match

To evaluate whether you get along with any prospective CV writers or Resume writers, speak with them. It's critical to feel at ease with the prospective CV writer. You'll have difficulty giving the information they need to create your CV if you don't think you can talk to them openly.

Communicate to prospective CV writers, go through previous CVs, and double-check credentials. Inquire about the expertise and history of prospective CV/Resume writers.

When you've recruited someone, ensure the CV writer takes adequate time questioning you to ensure that the material is genuine and defendable during an appointment. After all, a stellar CV that doesn't reflect your credentials may get you an appointment, but it won't help you secure a job.

Is their price competitive?

Some businesses charge upwards of $1000 for career guidance and CV professional services, which not everybody can afford. Analyze your finances to see what sort of assistance you need and how much you are willing to pay. CV writing services are accessible at almost every pricing range.

Investigate their internet presence

Every professional CV writer should have a web presence, including a well-designed website, an extensive LinkedIn page, and represent the company on all other social networking sites.

Be wary of sites that appear to be out-of-date, as well as authors that appear to be excessively self-promotional.


Here are all the primary reasons why hiring a professional CV writer or even a resume writer are a worthwhile option and will offer you a significant position:

It's all about how you look

If you do not seem to fulfill the company's requirements and expectations, the first picture you make may be your last. A professional CV should have a clean, professional look with no mistakes and a clear presentation of your most essential and engaging content.

Enhance your writing by editing it

If you've already created the CV but aren't satisfied with it, an expert will review it, edit it, and enhance it.

You may begin to grasp the complexities of professional writing but also what helps it work by evaluating the proposed changes to your original creation. You may enhance your skills by applying what you've learned.

Defining Your Worth

People often underestimate what they have accomplished in their careers. We believe everybody does it - it isn't a big issue. In order to create an achievements report that shows your previous and prospective worth to a business, CV writers will gather the essential information about your profession.

A CV that Follows Latest Standards

Workplace culture shifts on a regular basis. Likewise, the qualities that employers want in a professional CV. An expert CV writer is aware of this and stays up with current developments.

A reputable company writer will remember to check all the elements, from the essential talents to include on the CV to connecting your online accounts and utilizing contemporary language that reflects current business values.

Overcome the ATS

An applicant tracking system (ATS) analyzes your CV for crucial terms and phrases to determine if you are an excellent candidate to submit to a prospective employer.

Writing for ATS software successfully is a talent that experienced CV writers specialize in.

As a result, employing one increases your chances of clearing the first screening process and having your CV reviewed by someone with the power to advance you to an interview.


Lists of the top expert CV writing services in the United Arab Emirates are as follows:

1. Art2write

It all started with a tiny recruiting consultancy company. Recognizing the bad condition of the CVs they were obtaining, they offered to support their clients in rewriting their CVs and CV Distribution to increase their chances of obtaining interview calls and better job opportunities. Art2write began with a small number of professionals and has grown to a team of 55 people, with more on the way.

Art2write focuses on making each CV attractive enough for a recruiter to make an educated choice. As a result, their services have earned a remarkable 99 percent customer satisfaction rating over the ages, and they remain a prominent business that assists professionals in redeveloping their CVs.

Art2write is proud of its praise and ability to generate new ideas. They've expressed ideas that have been endorsed by hundreds of recruitment agencies and have been verified by companies across 70 sectors.

2. Careerzooom

UAE Careerzooom caters to a broad market throughout the Middle East, with a staff of the top CV writers in Dubai. Their experienced CV writers are specialists in various fields and have extensive knowledge of current recruiting trends, ensuring that your CV stands out.

Careerzooom provides CV writing services. The Dubai team has worked on profiles at all levels, from middle to high management. Every month, they write around 500 CVs and 300+ LinkedIn profiles. They've worked in virtually every sector and functional area imaginable.

3. Bayt is the Gulf and North Africa's largest employment portal, linking job applicants with businesses seeking to recruit. Thousands of fresh job openings from the region's leading companies are posted on the award-winning site every day. was founded in 2000 and has since grown to be one of the area's most recognized and regarded businesses. They have garnered many accolades throughout the years. has continued, dedicated customer service employees that can collaborate directly with clients to guarantee their requirements are met in the most effective and premium manner possible, as exemplified by's top track history of continued growth in representing the region's job applicants and business owners in discovering best positions and young talent. is the single most significant community of individuals and businesses in the area, with over 39,000,000 experts and 40,000 major firms utilizing its recruiting service across all composition and professional levels.

4. Gulf-Talent

GulfTalent is the Middle East's largest online recruiting site, with over 9 million seasoned people from all industries and job classifications using it. Over 10,000 of the region's biggest companies and recruiting agencies to use it as their prime component among expatriate and local talent.

Established in 2005, the business has revolutionized the online recruiting scene in the area with its unique methods and unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

GulfTalent is led by a skilled group of young experts from various sectors, including tech, banking, marketing, and recruiting. The group also has strong global expertise spanning four continents.

5. Dubai-Forever

Shabbir Kagalwala, a skilled CV writer, established Dubai Forever. Shabbir has a lot of expertise in the personnel management area. He felt compelled to assist others with their careers as a result of his experiences. In 2009, he founded his own CV writing business as a result of this understanding.

Shabbir and his team have developed a close-knit staff of expert CV writers for the business. In 90 days, all tiers of CVs are assured of getting an interview.

6. CV Maker

Another prominent CV and CV writing business located in Dubai is CV Maker. They are the Gulf's most effective CV writing service. The firm’s expertise covers about 35 professional areas. CV Maker guarantees that you will be assigned a writer with experience in these matters you are looking for.

Their clientele has been recruited by a few well-known companies in Dubai, as per the site. There are many different CV and CV templates to select from. They also guarantee quick revisions and changes.

7. Perfect CV

Perfect CV offers CV writing services in the United Arab Emirates. Their staff has years of industry expertise and is familiar with the requirements of employers. They make sure that it is flawless whether they are starting from fresh or updating the CV design.

Perfect CV utilizes several CV templates based on your occupation. They use various designs for each sector, whether advertising, retail, distribution network, human resource management, architecture, As a result, in or anything else.

The Perfect CV staff works tirelessly to build an outstanding biography for you that will capture the attention of potential employers. Unfortunately, their rates are lower when compared to the quality of their CV writing.

8. Professional CV

Since its inception in 2002, Professional CV has indeed been providing results. They aim to offer their clients a healthy personality as well as excellent value.

Their CV writers have over 14 years of expertise and are dedicated to surpassing your needs.

Their services have been developed depending on their collective industry expertise and contacts with experts from different origins and degrees. They solely provide consulting and writing services.

Their customers include IT experts, MBA graduates, and experts in commerce, marketing, finance, architecture, telecommunications, medicine, and various other fields.

9. Optimus Management Consultants

Optimus Management Consultants is a niche business management company featuring three verticals: instruction, content creation, and advising, supported by a staff including over a generation of industry expertise. Their customers in the Gulf and MENA area vary from SMEs to household brands in various industries and professions.

You may be certain that the firm will always meet the highest quality output and competent delivery of tasks entrusted to them.

10. We Find Jobs

We Find Jobs is the most well-known employment consultant in the United Arab Emirates, specialized in professional CV writing, CV promotion, and LinkedIn solutions. Their first-rate services will significantly increase your chances of landing an appointment in the desired field.

They assist businesses of all sizes in hiring the finest people and provide job searchers with the highest chance of being hired.

Their creative CV entails that at least two authors work on each CV. This is the most excellent approach to obtain a well-rounded CV by combining various views, studies, and tactics. Of course, anyone can create a CV that explains their accomplishments. Still, the key is to hire a professional who understands what businesses want to listen to and how to make them imagine you are already operating for them.

Last Thoughts

A professional CV writing service provider will have a thorough knowledge of the criteria and will be able to create a CV that has a 500% higher probability of being selected than a CV you write. Make use of the knowledge provided above to get the dream job.

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28 Sep 2021