Top 5 Professional CV Writing Service in the UAE

The corona virus pandemic has led to mayhem across the globe. 1.39 million people have lost their lives, and many international businesses such as Airbnb have come down to their knees. And, not to mention, millions worldwide have lost their livelihood.

The International Labor Organization said the economic effects of the corona virus outbreak are way worse than the 2008-2009 global recessions. The International Labor Organization (ILO) on July 2, in a statement said that 400 million full-time workers had lost their jobs in the second quarter (April-June 2020). It also pointed out that the job losses in Africa and Asia were calculated to be 400% in the last three months.

 Are you too one of the not-so-lucky ones, who have been laid off during this tough time?

 If you are, this post is something that should help you. We’ve rounded up the top five providers of CV Writing Services in Dubai.

Lists of the Top Expert CV Writing Services in the United Arab Emirates Are as Follows:

1. Art2write

It all started with a small recruiting consultancy company. Recognizing the bad condition of the CVs they were obtaining, they offered to support their clients in rewriting their CVs to increase their chances of securing interview calls and better job opportunities. Art2write began with a small number of professionals and has grown to a team of 55 people, with more on the way.

Art2write focuses on making each CV attractive enough for a recruiter to make an educated choice. As a result, their services have earned a remarkable 99 percent customer satisfaction rating over the ages, and they remain a prominent business that assists professionals in redeveloping their CVs.

Art2write is proud of its praise and ability to generate new ideas. They've expressed views that have been endorsed by hundreds of recruitment agencies and have been verified by companies across 70 sectors.

2. CareerZooom

UAE CareerZooom caters to a broad market throughout the Middle East, with a staff of the top CV writers in Dubai. Their experienced CV writers are specialists in various fields and have extensive knowledge of current recruiting trends, ensuring that your CV stands out.

Careerzooom provides CV writing services. The Dubai team has worked on profiles at all levels, from middle to high management. Every month, they write around 500 CVs and 300+ LinkedIn profiles. They've worked in virtually every sector and functional area imaginable. 

Their resume writing service Dubai has helped freshers, as well as experienced professionals, land more interviews which further improves their chances of getting hired by MNCs and well-paying employers.

3. Bayt is the Gulf and North Africa's largest employment portal, linking job applicants with businesses seeking to recruit. Thousands of new job openings from the region's leading companies are posted on the award-winning site every day. was founded in 2000 and has since grown to be one of the area's most recognized and regarded businesses. They have garnered many accolades throughout the years. has continued, dedicated customer service employees that can collaborate directly with clients to guarantee their requirements are met in the most effective and premium manner possible, as exemplified by's entire track history of continued growth in representing the region's job applicants and business owners in discovering best positions and young talent. is the single most significant community of individuals and businesses in the area, with over 39,000,000 experts and 40,000 major firms utilizing its recruiting service across all composition and professional levels.

4. Gulf-talent

GulfTalent is the Middle East's largest online recruiting site, with over 9 million seasoned people from all industries and job classifications using it. Over 10,000 of the region's biggest companies and recruiting agencies use it as their prime component among expatriate and local talent.

Established in 2005, the business has revolutionized the online recruiting scene in the area with its unique methods and unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

GulfTalent is led by a skilled group of young experts from various sectors, including tech, banking, marketing, and recruiting. The group also has strong global expertise spanning four continents.

5. Dubai-Forever

Shabbir Kagalwala, a skilled CV writer, established Dubai Forever. Shabbir has a lot of expertise in the personnel management area. He felt compelled to assist others with their careers as a result of his experiences. In 2009, he founded his own CV writing business as a result of this understanding.

Shabbir and his team have developed a close-knit staff of expert CV writers for the business. In 90 days, all tiers of CVs are assured of getting an interview. At Dubai-Forever, they have a panel of best CV writers in the UAE on board. Not only do they possess strong writing, proofreading, and editing skills, but also a sound understanding of the recruitment scenario. 

Final Piece of Advice

Yes, many countries and states worldwide are trying to figure out how to safely open offices, but work from home is the new normal. And we expect it to continue for another year or two. Big companies like Google and Amazon have no plans to reintroduce their employees to their workspace, even when the lockdown measures are easing up. Some organizations such as Facebook have plans to make work-for-home permanent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how everything can be managed online, right from hiring to everyday team meetings conducted via online conferences.

 So, in this light, your resume must be modified to highlight your remote-work capabilities. Use In the bullet points, to mention you have a personal laptop, Wi-Fi connectivity at your place, and that you can connect with clients of diverse time zones.

 Alternatively, create a new copy from scratch. You also have the option to get it done from a professional CV writer in Dubai.


1. Is investing in professional CV writing worth it?

Yes, it is. Your CV creates the first impression before you appear for an interview.  Your chances to get shortlisted for a personal interview increased with a professionally written CV.

2. I am failing to find the right job despite a relevant skill-set and experience. Is it because of my CV?

It is possible. Consider hiring a company for the best CV writing service to improve your chances of grabbing your dream job.  You can also request for a targeted cover letter to further the chances.

3. Which all documents are needed for writing a CV?

It depends on the CV writing service provider you hire. Generally, the best CV writers in Dubai ask for educational certificates, professional background-relieving letters, participation certificates in any office activities (if any). They also inquire about your hobbies, where you want to see yourself, and several other questions.

4. How much do you charge for CV writing services?

CV Writing Services in Dubai have different packages, depending on your requirements. They also offer customized packages.

5.  Can I personally communicate with my CV writer?

Absolutely, you can communicate with the assigned CV writer for any amendments or sharing additional information that you want in your CV or for that matter a tailored cover letter.


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30 Sep 2021
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