Why your positive attitude counts most during an Interview

While interviewing for any job, there are certain things that are under a candidate’s control while certain things aren’t. In order to take your career to the next level, you will need to learn how to handle those aspects that are under your control. One such element is your attitude. It is important to maintain a positive attitude through the interview process in order to impress the employer. 
A positive attitude can make you more likable in the eyes of an employer and gives you a greater chance at the job you are interviewing for. It is important to refrain from negative conversations during an interview. Keep in mind that one of the qualities an employer always looks for is a pleasing personality. An employer would never want to hire someone who can potentially damage the work atmosphere by their negative personality.

A well-written CV or resume can help you get the interview call and also prepare you to some extent for the interview questions. But ultimately, it is your attitude and body language during the interview that will make all the difference. Every candidate faces challenging situations during an interview. You may be posed with questions regarding your past failures. Do not deny those experiences by making excuses. Instead, you can turn it around into a positive attribute by sharing the lesson learned. The way you handle such situations can greatly impact on the final decision of the employer and make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. On the other hand, a negative response to such questions or criticizing your past employer can severely damage your reputation and may even cost you the job!

You can demonstrate your positive attitude in several ways during an interview. Your body language is the first and most important thing. Making eye contact with the interviewer, smiling and being attentive are all very important. Make sure you dress professionally for the interview but at the same time try to relax and be yourself. Value your past experiences as that will bring about the much-required confidence. Also, as mentioned previously never speak negatively about a past employer even if the employer asks about a problem you have faced. In reality, they are only interested to know how you managed to solve that problem. So make sure your answer highlights your problem-solving abilities and maintain a positive tone throughout. Do not let a past failure impact the current opportunity of success. 

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16 Jun 2017
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