Words to Add and Exclude from Your Resume

Your CV writing serves as a showcase of your professional accomplishments. It's your first chance to create a positive first impact, and thus you should hire the best CV services.

A recruiter may make a judgment about you in just under 20 seconds just on your CV writing. Prospective employers must scan the resume and locate the material they need before moving on to another application. That implies that almost every phrase on the resume has the potential to help you get discovered or to exclude you from consideration.

On the resume, here are some terms to include while CV writing:


“Achieved” is a great action verb that indicates that you have completed a previous job successfully. Businesses will be more persuaded that you can accomplish comparable results at their company due to this.


Add verbs that demonstrate leadership and change.

'Redesign' shows problem-solving abilities as well as the capacity to see the broad picture and eliminate inefficiencies in processes.


This activity term expresses your desire to assist those in a program or team, even if you haven't been asked. In addition, it will help you in creating a favorable image of your project.


This action verb shows your ability to finish a project effectively. The term "launch" indicates that you can effectively create anything.


To a recruiter, the action verb 'won' demonstrates your capacity to win. If you've earned any kind of acknowledgment for your work, use this term.

There are certain terms in Resume Writing that you should avoid using.


This action verb demonstrates that you can do more than just following instructions—you can really build anything and assist a business.


Anybody may claim to be a hard worker. However, it’s much more persuasive if you can provide specific examples of how your extra effort benefitted an employer.


'Dynamic' is a term that more accurately reflects your personality than your professional abilities or ethics. While CV writing, it's tough to demonstrate your enthusiastic nature. Allow your company to evaluate your energetic personality throughout your conversation rather than utilizing this word.


Synergy may seem to be a fashionable term, but employers frequently find it to be ambiguous. To explain what you wish to imply, use a more specific word like 'engage,' 'collaborate,' or 'coordinate.'

Final Thoughts

You'll have a far higher chance of being invited in for an interview if you concentrate on the talents, achievements, and successes that are most relevant to the position you're looking for.

The resume distribution is your initial point of contact with recruiting managers. So, instead of using clichés and generalizations, use action words to show how precisely you meet the criteria they've given.

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11 Sep 2021